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Personal Experiences with The Masters

For more than a decade, the Masters have shared their time, knowledge, love and nurturing to all the students in Greece.

Below are some treasured memories from the students and volunteers over the years…

Master Hector – Walking at Plaka in the Moonlight…connecting with people

All the Masters in Pranic Healing practice what they preach in the way they give of their time to the students – Master Choa kok Sui was their example through His years of nurturing, love, and guidance -close to Him, under the Teacher’s watchful eye, they grew and blossomed. They all often say the same thing “ who are we to do any less?” As it was done for them, our Masters share the same interest and care for the students worldwide.

 I am always amazed by the simplicity, warmth, and tenderness I witness from Master Hector. One particular instance comes to mind after an Arhatic Preparatory seminar in Athens in 2016. It was Sunday night after class, the weather was amazing and when asked what he would like to do for dinner –  Master Hector expressed the wish for the WHOLE organizational team to come along. As you can imagine, we were all excited and thrilled! We went to dinner, and all sat together in one big table and everyone was excited to offer interesting stories, and humorous anecdotes that we could  share with Master Hector, just as he is always so generous with us. While eating we were all telling him jokes, he was laughing & enjoying it all wholeheartedly.  After dinner and even though it was late, he asked whether we could walk through the graphic alleys of Plaka under the Acropolis on this beautiful night to take pictures-Master Hector is an excellent photographer. We all walked for nearly 2 hours and during this time under the beams of moonlight;  I realized Master was spending time with each person in the group  – at least ten minutes or more –  walking with each of us and talking, asking questions about our  lives, personal hobbies and interests, what we love, our dreams, etc. He mingled with everyone and spent genuine personal time with each one of us, honoring us in a very loving, engaged and simple kind manner. It is a night that will always have a special place deep in my heart, as it was the night that Master Hector was showing me how important simplicity, humility, gratitude & connection always are.

Loving Kindness & Moderation in Amsterdam… The Italian way!

In 2018 My friend Gianluca and I were in  Amsterdam and got to visit with Master Hector and his family. Gianluca is one of those people who does not conform according to his surroundings, he remains his outgoing, amazing self. We take a special trip together each year….and as with all lifelong friendships, what happens on those trips stays on those trips! We had arranged to meet my friend P.M. and were incredibly touched  to be invited to Master Hector’s home for dinner. I had strictly prepped Gianluca on how to behave, to act humbly!  to be “appropriate” at the dinner table etc… So here is how well those efforts went ….just when you hope everything will go smoothly…

Our friend arrived to pick us up in the middle of Amsterdam just as Gianluca comes out of a eh hem.. “Intimate Romance” store holding four LARGE  bags, filled with…gadgets. When he saw my face turn white, he just said ‘ freedom! These are for my friends!’

Our friend was just laughing.. We managed to squeeze everything into a backpack (well, all except one that couldn’t fit..) and went on to Master Hector’s house. At the table, I ate modestly and tried to choose which of our day’s adventures to share at the table, but of course my dear friend was happily munching away on 2nd and 3rd helpings and sharing in glorious detail our adventures from the trip…leaving nothing out! … leaving me in a state of desperately wanting to explain myself to Master Hector whose eyes were popping out!

Each of us has a perception of what proper etiquette is for different occasions and different circumstances.  In front of personal friends, colleagues, family ….the Masters! Both Gianluca and Master Hector taught me a good lesson that evening. My dear friend was simply being himself; full of life, warmth and exuberance. Master Hector was gracious, welcoming and interested. Considerate  and very kind as always, no matter what antics he was hearing about or how shocked he pretended to be!!! To live and let live. To Let people be as they are and see the Divinity in all. None of us are the same, so why should be pretend to be something we are not in the hopes of pleasing others. The ones who matter are pleased with us as we are and know we are all in the process of evolving………..

For a memorable trip and dinner with Master Hector, I love you my dear Gianluca, but am not going to Amsterdam or shopping with you again!!

Learning to let go and go with the flow …set up with Master Co

There is always something to be learned from the Masters. Sometimes the lesson can come in the most awkward of times.. this one came at 1am during set up for Higher classes in 2017, after a long day of seminars. Responsible for the room set up, I had it all pictured in my head: the direction of the room, the lights, the flowers… You see I love photos, so the background images and overall look directed the set up for me.

We had finished, all exhausted and very pleased with what we thought was best for the room. Then Master Co came in to do his personal set up. First he started with the stage… Gently, politely, he asked that the direction of the room be changed and the stage be moved! That meant we had to rearrange the seats, to disassemble, move and reassemble the platform, the flowers, the background photos…. Everything! What about my pictures?? Finally, he asked that two large lights were placed on the front of the stage next to the big fan placed there to keep him cool while teaching.  My perfect mental image was being thrashed and torn apart! And.. to top it all he suggested that strips of aluminum foil be placed on the top lights so that the stage was lit properly for the live-stream meditation.. Ugh! Metal strips of foil in my beautiful set up??

I gave in, Master Co was right – of course. How many set ups has this teacher done before? How many times have students had to learn to let go of their idea of what should be and go with the flow of what is needed? The energy in the room was amazing for class, the live streaming came out beautifully, and I realised that yes, some things are more important that my beautiful photos and mental image. It is all in Grand Master’s hands, Yes Master, Thank you Master!

He wanted to be in the company of all , not a few….. Master Hector in Athens.

We had just finished an intense weekend of Arhatic Prep in 2016 with Master Hector and were heading out for dinner. We were fortunate to have a large team of volunteers who joined us as we looked for the perfect restaurant to hold us all.. Finally, we managed to find a lovely but small Japanese restaurant and I relax a little knowing that Master Hector  would be happy with the food at least. Being a large group, we had to join two tables together on different levels… To top it all, there was a column in between separating us… not the best seating arrangements. We offered Master Hector the most comfortable seat in the upper section, but I could see that he was not very happy there. Again, I got anxious… I wanted to give him a beautiful end to the incredible days that he had given us all. Suddenly I see him get up and move to a corner of the table, probably the least comfortable spot, but the only chair from where he could see and hear everyone And then, I realise. Without saying a word, he said it all. It was not about him. He wanted to be in the company of ALL, not just a few. We had an unforgettable time, but it was this simple quiet act that has stayed in my heart more than anything else.

Don’t let your emotions control your mind. Master Hector didn’ t eat Bacon!!

We had been waiting for Master Hector to visit Greece again after a long time, so when the time had come in 2014, we wanted everything set to perfection.

One of my best friends was joining us for lunch at a top restaurant in Athens. I had prepared the flowers, the menu traditionally Greek, we had an astonishing view of Athens at our feet and were enjoying our 100% vegetarian lunch… One of Master Hector’s favourite dishes is potatoes with Greek vegetables, and I had made sure that NO meat was in it. Which made me wonder why my friend started kicking me under the table.. ‘There is bacon in the potatoes!’ he whispered! ‘Nooooo waaaay!’ I replied. All my chakras deflated!

‘Yes, there is bacon’ he repeated ‘I am chewing it right now! ’.. Not knowing what to do, I panicked. How could this be? What would a Master think of us serving them meat let alone pork, when it is definitely not part of their diet? My mind was racing with anxiety, how can I get this dish removed without anyone finding out about the bacon?! There was only one thing to do . I took a deep breath, leaned over and ‘accidentally’ spilled my glass of water all over the potatoes… ‘Sorry!’ I managed to say, wiping the water from the table. ‘Let me take the dish away’… I charge into the kitchen and asked the Chef angrily ‘is there meat in here? My friend found bacon!

No, he calmly replied, ‘it must be the caramelised onion!!…’

As Master Choa says, do not react emotionally; validate things first, use your discernment……A lesson this student will not quickly forget!

A lesson in Tolerance & Loving Kindness – Master Co & Greek Raki

Master Co was in Athens for Higher classes in 2017 and it was the first time that I was given the responsibility to take him out during lunchtime, together with a small groupincluding my husband. My hyper-organized side was on overdrive, and everything was in order -or so I thought… The table at the Greek Taverna was all set, the staff knew to recommend only vegetarian food and to be quick as we had little time. Everything was going as planned, Master Co seemed to be enjoying the food and towards the end of lunch I even managed to relax a little!

I went to arrange the bill, and as I returned to the table I saw the waiter holding a tray of 100% alcohol shots of Raki (a local liquor), a traditional offer at Tavernas. As the waiter was about to serve it to Master Co and the group. I felt my heart jump into my throat for the scene that was appearing before me. Master Co asked what was in the glasses. Smiled, shook his head and gestured for the rest of the group to enjoy! Then I look across the table at my husband who is happily rolling tobacco for a homemade cigarette, another post-meal pastime in Greece!

It took some time for me to understand feeling so horrified at what was a really simple lovely meal with Master Co. It reminded me why Grand Master Choa’s teachings tell us not to become fanatical. If we view life only through a puritanical lens, we miss the fun, friendship and laughter along the way. Watching my husband have a conversation in earnest with  Master Co as to why he was not ready to give up smoking and Master Co silently nodding and smiling gently throughout. He had enjoyed his meal with us and was ready to go back to class to share the Teachings. Why should we let little insignificant things bother us. Enjoy life and enjoy people….and sometimes, simply remember to smile!

Thank you, Master Co!