Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2022 - GREECE
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MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 3

MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 3

Arhatic Yoga Level 3 deals with internal alchemy and the building of the spiritual bridge of light (antahkarana) and the development of the etheric golden body. Arhatic Yoga Level 2 is part of Level 3. In Arhatic Level 3, the lower chakras are activated first so that the physical body can withstand the greater downpour of spiritual energy.

MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 3 will rapidly accelerate your spiritual evolution, and most importantly, your ability to do service.

Each higher level of MCKS Arhatic Yoga® generates approximately ten times more energy than the previous one. This means a good foundation is critical if you are interested in applying for Level 3.

A minimum of 2 year practice on MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 2 is a prerequisite.

Any Practitioner who has an official certificate on “MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Level 2 course from the main Global Pranic Healing Organisations  (The Institute for Inner Studies Inc. or  The World Pranic Healing Foundation) – and have been diligently practicing for a minimum of 2 years is welcome to apply for advancement to Arhatic Yoga Level 3.

Please Note : Attendance at the Arhatic Yoga Retreat is mandatory in order to attend Arhatic Yoga Level 3 Seminar.

For any additional nights outside of the Arhatic Yoga Retreat dates (i.e. Oct 31st, Nov 1st & 2nd) please contact with your preferred arrival and check out dates and this will be reserved for you.

Details regarding prices and applications will be announced soon. Please send us an email at regarding your interest in participating on the MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 3. Thank you.