Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2022 - GREECE
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Live Broadcast Meditation

Special Surprise Event

Saturday October 29th 

Venue : Arhatic Yoga Retreat Greece 2022

Admission fee : Donation of 25 €

Join Master Stephen Co,  Master Hector Ramos & Master Nona Castro

 for this very special Surprise Event in the middle of the Retreat

The past 3 years have been so challenging for us all and to finally make it to this year’s Retreat we want to offer you a very special and one time experience to imbue your auras with Prosperity Energies!

On this Special Event the Masters will discuss the deeper significance of the link between our Spiritual development and our Prosperity

With practices guided by each of the Masters within their own area of expertise to:

  • Purge ourselves of any poverty consciousness and highly activate the prosperity energies within our chakras and auras
  • Manifest our heartfelt wishes and plans for the future
  • How our relationship with Mother Nature affects our spirituality and also prosperity
  • The best times and cycles to anchor & utilise Prosperity energies

They will also give a greater insight to the Esoteric meaning of As Above, So Belowin connection with the Riches of Heaven manifesting on Earth

With so much energy generated during the days of an Arhatic Retreat  -The Masters will guide us in a Very Special Meditation for

Blessing our goals, projects, wishes and loved ones because it is a vital ingredient to Bless others with Abundance in the words of St Francis “ For it is in giving that we receive”