Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2020 - GREECE
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Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

FULL MOON LIVE BROADCAST Saturday October 31st 

(Supermoon or Blue Moon)

Venue : Arhatic Yoga Retreat Greece 2020

Admission fee : Donation of 25 €

“Embracing the Divine for Healing Mother Earth”

Join Master Stephen Co,  Master Hector Ramos & Special Guest Master ?

 for this very special LIVE Broadcast Full Moon Meditation

6 months after the most Powerful Full Moon of the Year known as Wesak or ‘Taurus Full Moon’, comes the opposite sign of the Scorpio Full Moon.
These opposite energies work to bring into harmony the natural forces within us to balance the darkness with Light.
The energies of Scorpio deal with creative destruction of the old & regeneration toward renewal.
This is the internal process of Healing or Restoration of Balance.
It is a time where we reflect on the balance of our relationship with Mother Earth – our physical home
On this Full Moon the Masters will discuss the deeper significance of the link between our own healing as individuals to awaken our Divine Nature and the healing of the entire planet.
They will also give a greater insight to the Esoteric meaning of As Above, So Below and the spiritual connection between the Evolution of Humanity and the Planetary Evolution.

Some of the topics include:

  • The cycles of Spiritual Energies available to us for not only spiritual growth but for service to the  healing of the Planet
  • How we as individuals and groups can consciously work in partnership with these energies during the full moon
  • How our relationship with Mother Nature affects our spirituality and also prosperity
  • The Esoteric meaning of “As above, So below” and the spiritual connection between the Evolution of Humanity and the Planetary Evolution
  • A Special Meditation for Blessing Mother Earth and all the Nature Beings

and much more!